Smart Mimic Takes Pitch Force

“That was hands down the best presentation I’ve seen; if you’re trying to market a product, you can learn from Smart Mimic”… Those were the words from Pitch Force Panelist Katherine Glassey during the debriefing session following Smart Mimic’s presentation.

Pitch Force is a weekly fundraising event for up and coming startups in extremely influential industries including software, big data, fin-tech, social mobile and so forth. The event, primarily sponsored by PeopleConnect, revolves around the presentations and demo table showcases of companies to investors and guests. After close evaluation attendees vote for their top 5 favorite companies for these companies to present to a panel of Angels and VC’s. PeopleConnect has an excellent track record of collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and successful startups in the Valley, having supported their processes through hiring challenges, building a reputation and more. The founder and CEO of People Connect and an ex-angel investor, Max Shapiro leads the programming, recruitment, marketing and outreach of the program.

As Smart Mimic, it was a privilege to be surrounded by such inspiring angel investors, mentors, leading startups alone. But it was the utmost honor to be selected as the winner of the first place as an international startup among a pool of local Silicon Valley startups. Since the overall event functioned as a simulation of meeting and pitching to investors, a startup had to raise the most amount of hypothetical investmentw and receive the most interest to qualify for the finals.

Throughout the event, it was easy to see that people were intrigued by our novel idea of smart insurance supplied by the smart sensors in our product. “A collective security &data platform, Smart Mimic presents the most practical, novel and immediate security solution”, our team explained to the curious wanderers in the event. Given the overwhelming human traffic in front of our stand, there was not doubt we would make it to final round: the actual challenge.

“Simple and interesting” a panelist commented after the final pitch; “Left me yearning to know more”. “Simple, yet interesting presentation for a product that has so many functions”, a panelist mused. “You are poised to do something really successful in the near future, given that your product is actually being manufactured as we speak” another followed up.

As we took the stage once again to claim the first prize, we were overjoyed from the reassurance of what this achievement will bring to our work in terms of prospective investment opportunities, network connections and even customers.

Burak Yalcinkaya