What is Mimic?

Here is your chance to get a better grasp of the new portable, multi-purpose, and smart tech product that everyone is talking about. Smart Mimic, founded in 2017 by Noyan Berker and Serdar Serttop, has gained 110K of investment, 14K active users, sold 100K units, sustained a position in the 3SLP Startupbootcamp SF scaling program and won the first place in PitchForce September 2018 in just the past year.

Having said all that, you might ask: “What is Smart Mimic?”

Smart Mimic was founded on the basis of integrating IoT into the insurance sector, innovating and transforming the way people and companies approach the concept of insurance, creating a portable and palpable form of insurance.

Mimic helps in protecting valuables belongings wherever you go, allowing a concrete portable device for personal security and protection. Through combining over 50 features within one tiny device such as: light, temperature, CO and motion censoring, alarms, phone connectivity, notifications and more. Thus, it is an immediate security and safety provider, becoming the next generation insurance solution

This multi-purpose insure-tech product offers the additional smartphone application, allowing users to activate any scenario in which they would like to use their Mimic product in. This kind of personalized approach to personal safety systems had never been attempted before Mimic.

Mimic isn’t only revolutionary for individual customers, but provides a new vision for the insurance industry. Through collaborating with Mimic, insurance companies have the opportunity to increase and significantly improve their customer relationship, gain access to an active and smart user database. Data collection is the new frontier for companies to integrate innovation and technology into their system to fuse their growth. Data driven insurance solutions can allow insurance companies to give more personalized and specialized offers to their customers, while minimizing the risks they may encounter, reinsure their safety and the safety of what they value. These kind of personalized insurance offers involve specialized need, budgeting, and interest features.

Since it was developed, the idea of insurance only provided for a framework in which people only seek insurance once a calamity occurred in their life. With Mimic’s immediate security solution platform, the insurance sector can finally take the next step in their growth.

Smart Mimic is currently partnering with Unico Insurance to offer “Smart Travel Insurance” solutions such as securing baggage, backpack, and belongings. Unico, introduced their new campaign “Smart Travel Insurance with Mimic” through launching a commercial featuring the slogan, “Unico Insurance says ‘Don’t Panic, Just Mimic’”. This commercial was released in digital and outdoor platforms as well as TV, hitting over 2 million views in the digital platforms. Signaling for the revolutionary effect that Mimic has already begun to have in the insurance market, Mimic is on the way to become the lead provider of personalized safety.

In a newspaper interview, Unico Insurance’s CEO Cenk Tabakoglu stressed the importance of digitalizing the insurance market and using the IoT in order to reach the potential growth that this sector can sustain. “Our smart travel insurance product is a novelty and a first. The entire world is talking about "Internet of Things”, yet we are the first to take palpable steps in this direction” he says.

Burak Yalcinkaya