Unico Insurance Says “Don’t Panic, Just Mimic”

Unico, has introduced its new generation insurance product: “Smart Travel Insurance with Mimic”. Through launching a commercial for their new product, Unico Insurance says “Don’t Panic, Just Mimic”.

Mimic is making life easier for Unico Insurance’s clients by offering a protective alarm feature for possible travel scenarios such as baggage theft, baggage loss or parents losing sight of their children. Unico offers a new vision to insurance similar to retailing, through sending an additional and specially designed package with their policies and the Mimic product for those clients who purchase their Smart Travel Insurance.

This revolutionary next generation insurance experience offered by Mimic works through the installation of the Mimic app to cell phones and activating the devices through the app. When a situation that requires prevention occurs, users cell phones will be alerted and the Mimic device will produce an alarm.

Unico Insurance’s Smart Travel Insurance with Mimic, will not only help you in facing travel related risks and disadvantages, but will also help you prevent them and take the necessary precautions.

We will insist on pursuing innovation

Unico Insurance’s CEO Cenk Tabakoglu elaborated on their new Smart Travel Insurance by saying:

“The insurance market is changing. Instead of following a system where you only need insurance after a calamity, it is evolving into a more protective approach. Our smart travel insurance product is a novelty and a first. The entire world is talking about "Internet of Things”, yet we are the first to take palpable steps in this direction. In these days where our country (Turkey) is going through economic hardships, we will nevertheless continue to produce and innovate."

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